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We had our engagement session today in San Francisco and had so much fun. First let me tell you our little story. About a month and a half ago we had our e-session with another photographer also at Crissy Fields. 4 weeks later I received the pictures and burst out in tears because they were so horrible. We were so far away that you couldn’t recognize us, the pictures weren’t crisp, the colors weren’t vibrant, and the sun was beaming on my fiances bald head that there were many photographs where it looked like he had a cone head or that part of his head was missing. I called the company crying and cancelled them for my wedding. They even had the nerve to tell me that they didn’t think that the pictures were bad or blurry but that we were just far away. They even offered to send it back to editing! I told them that if they sent these pictures to me and think that they were good enough to send….then that was a problem in itself. I take better pictures on my Samsung Galaxy phone and then photoshopping and adding effects myself then they did. At the end of the day I was out a $750 cancellation fee, engagment photos that were unusable, and a wedding coming up in 4 months with no photographer.

After doing some research (after my incident), I found IQ Photo and decided to use them for our session. They had the style that I was looking for…

We took the pictures today and it went perfect. Alex made us feel so comfortable and he was funny. He had several different cameras that he used (as did his assistant) constantly changed between the two and used many different angles to get unique shots. There was a huge difference in experience and techniques used between Alex and our first photographer. At one point we asked if we would be taking a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. He said absolutely. Then explained how based on the sun and the lighing, a photographer can’t just take a picture because it can leave weird shadows on the face and how it can also affect the exposure. Our first photographer obviously didn’t know this and that is why all of our pictures turned out so bad. We did get our picture with the bridge in the background where the shading and lighing was perfect.

Thank you Alex for a great and fun engagement session. Part 2 review will come once I receive the pictures.


We just received our photos in just 4 days (told it would take 2-3 weeks) can I just say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and WOW. I’m so beyond happy with our pictures. Our issue now is which photos to use for the invitations and the guest table. We had to walk away from viewing the pictures and take a breath because they were just too much to handle. He captured such great moments and expressions that it wasn’t posey or cheesy at all. It was very natural and we were the star of the photos…not the background.

I think I’ve viewed the photo gallery more than 10 times today. There are a few pictures where my fiance is jumping up and I’m holding him down….he looks like superman flying off into the sky. It’s totally hilarious and makes me laugh everytime I look at it. There are also ones where we’re just walking and holding hands….very sweet and natural. I’ve also shared my favorites with a few friends and they cried! One friend also pointed out a specific picture and said “It has magazine writeen all over it”.

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The Pros And Cons Of Wedding Photography Techniques

You may want to become a wedding photographer. Wedding photography is good career to be pursued. You should keep your personal views while taking wedding photography. To many people wedding may be end of a chapter in the life and beginning of another. This is one of the drawbacks of wedding albums. You may not to bring back the memories of the old relationship. The wedding album is one thing that will bring it back every time you see it. But you have to take is part of life.

The camera plays a dominant role in all types of photography. You will have to change your approach depending on the type of camera you are using. No most of the cameras are equipped with the ability to focus on a single object. The rest of the objects in the frame can be made obscure. You will be able to create depth in a picture using the focusing ability of the camera. The depth in a picture actually brings a photo to life. You interest in a picture can change depending on the way you have made your camera to focus on the objects.

The photographer will be able to ascribe his value in a photographer using the ability to focus a camera. Wedding photographs are actually the treasure bank of memories. The bride and groom may be having the memory of the wedding day not from the remembrance but from the photos. The job of a wedding photographer is quite crucial on a wedding day. You are actually creating a history using your camera. A good photograph will always make you remember of many things.

You will be able to recollect the wedding day when you brush the dust off your wedding album. A wedding photographer should be able to add his signature to all his photos. The clients must be able to identify a photo from the way it is taken. Wedding photos can always look natural and candid even after adding your special signature. One common mistake made by wedding photographers is placing the subject in the middle of the frame. You have to apply the rule of third in these situations. This will make your pictures more dynamic and interesting. The frame is divided in to three on a vertical and horizontal grid. The important elements of the frame are placed in the lines of the grid.

Reasons Why People Love Jewellery Making

We all wear a piece of jewelry at some point in our lives — it could be just a pair of earrings, a simple bracelet or a valuable necklace. Women just love wearing one because it somehow adds beauty and style. They can enhance ones outfit and body features. Some like simple pieces of jewelries while others prefer glamorous and elaborate ones. There are also a good number of men who enjoy wearing a piece or two of jewelry items.

Its no longer uncommon to find people who find jewellery making such a worthwhile hobby. A lot of people even enroll themselves in formal hand made jewellery classes so they can learn the proper ways of creating lovely pieces of jewelry items. Here are a few common reasons why these people love to engage in jewellery making activities:

Creating jewelries for personal use

One of the most popular reasons why people, especially girls, love to learn how to make jewelries is because they can save a lot of money by creating their own fashionable items. Instead of buying expensive jewelry items, jewellery making allows these girls to create their own fashion statements and to always have something that will complement every outfit.

Designing jewelries to serve as gifts for special people

Once people gain the confidence to create beautiful pieces of jewellery, they also take pleasure in giving away these jewelries as gifts to special people in their life. They sometimes even feel the urge to attend hand made jewellery classes so they can learn better techniques in jewellery making and ensure that the items they can give away as gifts will be more appreciated by the recipients.

Hand made jewellery classes are fun and exciting

Formal classes allow students to meet new friends who are also in the same field of interests. They can eventually share ideas and come up with beautiful designs that show their unique personalities and traits. Those who do not have the time to attend jewellery making courses in traditional schools can also opt to enroll in online classes where they can also learn from knowledgeable and expert instructors. Online classes are preferred by many people who are busy with other important activities like attending school or managing their own business. Online tutorials allow a more convenient option for busy individuals who are serious in pursuing their desire to learn more about jewelry creations and designs.

Opportunity to earn extra money

There is high demand for hand made and custom made fashion jewelries in the market these days. When you attend formal hand made jewellery classes, you also have the opportunity to learn how to set up your own jewelry business and learn effective ways on how to market them.

What Makes Indian Bridal Jewellery So Unique

Marriages are special, no matter where it might be held. The speciality of this occasion is essentially the same across cultures all over the world. Therefore, it comes without surprise that this is a day when women all over the world like to feel special. In Indian style weddings, this is something that is taken care of quite well. When you take a look at the gorgeous Indian bridal jewellery, it will be quite clear that the bride is going to have a really good time during this particular day. So then, one might wonder as to what are the unique characteristics that define this particular style of jewellery.

For the bride, there are a number of different things that are considered, all of which fall under the category of bridal jewellery. We can start off with the Indian bridal jewellery that is designed for the head and the hair. Some of the unique kinds of jewellery that fall here include the ‘Tikka’, which is a short chain that is worn down the partition of the hair, the ‘Matha Patti’, which is a decorated chain that is worn along the hair line and finally, the ‘Jhoomer’ or the ‘Passa’, which is usually clipped into the hair and worn above the temple. In some cases, there is also the Hair Chotli.

Moving to the Indian bridal jewellery for the hands and arms, there are different options like Cocktail Rings, Bajuband and traditional Indian Bangles. Again, these are broken down into more categories depending on the part of India that you are looking at. Variations exist when looking at jewellery in different states. Some ‘Kangans’ or bangles are classic designs that can be worn separately. ‘Churis’, or thinner bangles, are usually worn in groups so that they can be intermixed with the Kangans.

The nose also gets some fancy jewellery on the day of the wedding. Typically, Indian bridal jewellery for the nose includes ‘Nath’, which is a ring that can be as small as 1 sq. cm or could be a large hoop, as is the case in some North Indian states. The feet get the ‘Payal’, which is the term for anklets that a bride would wear on her wedding day. There are also toe rings that might be worn by more than just the bride on the day of the wedding. Since the weddings will normally have the bride in a sari, there are also multiple jewelleries and accessories that go with this style of clothing.

From the above, it can be summarized that the uniqueness of Indian bridal jewellery lies in the fact that there is so much to choose from. This sheer quantity and colourfulness associated with the bride’s jewellery are reason enough to be bedazzled and excited on the day of your wedding. You can be rest assured that you will enjoy the wedding day and have a lot to look forward to when it comes to picking out the right jewellery for your needs.

Tasteful Pandora Jewellery – Be Like A Hollywood Star

A ladies closet is not whole without incredible necklaces and rings. Gold has grown into costlier or a daily basis and that’s what prompting ever more girls to build up only style jewelry. Why is this so? Considering that this is a stylish choice of adding allure for the outfit; additionally it is perfect method to match the latest clothes. Fashion Pandora jewelry is fairly appealing! Along with designs are receiving innovated debts season.

You could choose an eclectic distinctive line of styles and designs. Just about the most fashionable shapes and fashions are butterfly, flowers and hearts. The pieces are affordable as well as unique. Cabs manufactured from metal silver, alloys, beads, glass, ceramics, clay and plastic. Numerous online stores trade and give strikingly eye-catching designs and colours. Style Pandora jewellery is ‘in’! Even celebrities are preferring fashion Pandora jewelry to add new glamour to their looks. Hand crafted and Beaded jewellery loved by the teenagers and university or college goers.

The type on the net style jewelry stores is as well catching up. Large numbers of consumers are ordering jewelry via the internet. The reality is wearing costume jewellery has grown craze. With tv programs and music movies mentioning the coolest Pandora jewellery, as well as girls would like one of the best attainable deals. The children like imitating their ideal pop star or onscreen idol. They tend to acquire what you notice for making muscles style fact.

Very old jewelries are arising back nowadays, and the sparkling rhinestone brooches are getting to be stylish. Classic jewelleries are constructed from non-precious materials like cut glass. With the purchase of vintage Pandora jewelry story find the quality. Make sure the pieces and see if each is while in the original problem and working effectively. You surely should not pay money for a factor that becomes useless in 7 days.

Pc training courses earrings, bracelets, pendants, or any type of jewelry, style jewelries is especially exquisite and durable. If chosen by a looked on store or business your jewelry won’t lose its shine and color. Rings and necklaces are currently reasons for fashion Pandora jewellery.